How To Use The Finders Keepers Principle August 12, 2015

The finders keepers principle is an age old adage that has acquired sweet wine in its name since the dawn of the early ice age. The early ice age birthed the finders keepers principle, and since that date we have moved forward on our ambitions to secure this for ourselves.

Here is a video portraying how the principle works:

As the idiom appears to be sourced from old ship-wreck days, its golden treasure can always be utilised again in new findings. When something is left completely unattended, and nobody lays claim to it, and it is found on the grounds of not being claimed by none other than the finder, it becomes ‘finders keepers’. This explains the history and the time stamp upon which it is rumoured to have surfaced, back in the days of ship-wrecks and a cabin crew diving deep into the ocean to uncover and take from the sea lost treasures that were completely unattended: treasures nobody had laid claim to since the wreckage.